Nothing serious!

Sounds like Led Zep, good Music!

Firefox Quantum is out and it is very good!

Mozilla just published the new version of the firefox browser: Firefox Quantum

  • New engine
  • New design
  • Less memory
  • Better performance

I always have issue using Chrome (mainly because I do not like to have google everywhere!)

Now Firefox is again a serious competitor! Great job!

OpenVPN config client on Ubuntu 17.10

I set up a VPN connection on a server running Ubuntu 17.10.

I followed the installation described here:

Installation was straightforward but I was not able to connect VPN because of name resolution failure.

I had to edit the file /etc/systemd/resolved.conf this way:


After Restart VPN connection is now working correctly.

Logitech Media Server supports perl 5.26

I have a logitech squeezebox at home and I use it to play music I have stored on a NAS.

I use the logitech media server for this, it is installed on a VM with Ubuntu 17.04, and it wa working fine. I decided to update Ubuntu to 17.10 and the solution stopped working.

Logitech media server was not supporting perl 5.26 (default version of Ubuntu 17.10)

Now this is solved, since Oct. 25 2017 the logitech media server supports perl 5.26 see here:

Thanks a lot to maintainers!

Stranger Things 2

Star Wars - the last Jedi

SSH Strong authentication on ubuntu server

Here is a nice article on how to implement strong authentication on Ubuntu server.

I need to find some time to experiment this, looks like I will have some fun.

Ubuntu server setup for beginners

A very good article by Matei Cesar has been published on Tecmint to help beginners to setup correctly a server running ubuntu. It completes the previous article explaining the installation of Ubuntu 16.04 server edition.

The setup guide covers:

  • Update and Upgrade Ubuntu System

  • Create New Account in Ubuntu

  • Configure System Hostname in Ubuntu

  • Setup SSH with Public Key Authentication in Ubuntu

  • Secure SSH Server in Ubuntu

  • Configure Ubuntu Firewall UFW

  • Set Ubuntu Server Time

  • Disable and Remove Unneeded Services in Ubuntu

This will be a good starting point for anyone who has not a deep knowledge on linux server and want to try installing one.

Ubuntu 17.10 on VirtualBox (Mac)

The new Ubuntu 17.10 has been release recently and looks really good (yes I did not like Unity at all.)

I wanted to test this release in virtualbox on my macbook (Version 5.2.0 r118431). The installation went smoothly.

Few minutes later I realized that the vm screen is flickering and spent several minutes to find out the root cause.

Ubuntu is now running wayland as default, but if you choose Ubuntu on Xorg on the login screen then the display is stable and no flickering at all.

Ubuntu on Macbook

I installed Ubuntu 17.04 on my MacbookPro (MacBookPro12,1)

It works well, and with the gnome osx theme and La Capitaine icons it looks great!